'Comfortable' by Ted Jevans

Written by Samuel Murray

The new single by singer-songwriter Ted Jevans from Teignmouth has a powerful atmosphere to it, and and comes as a good as a show of things to come from the folk musician.

We find out what inspired Ted to create the track, tell you what we love and suggest where he could go with future records.

Ted Jevans Tour Dates

Sat 21st March 2019
Portland Arms
Cambridge, UK

The track boasts a tenseness in lead vocals, juxtaposed by beautifully slow acoustic guitar. Jevans is accompanied by Charlotte Ward on piano and harmonising softly throughout, Joe Murray on bass & ebo and Joe Trott on drums.

Ted Jevans first started his musical career at the age of twelve in Cambridgeshire, where he joined a band called Deadhead Feel. The band released two singles before parting ways as some of the members opted to study at university. Jevans started creating his own music in his bedroom, four years ago, aged sixteen. While Ted entered the music scene in Cambridge, he then made the move to seaside town, Teignmouth, in Devon. Since then Jevans has played several live gigs whilst working on this single and a soon-to-come EP, named ‘Plein Air’. This single ‘Comfortable’, comes as Jevans first studio recorded and peer-produced track to date.

The track describes one’s mental well-being when facing it head-on, addressing the feeling of “not feeling myself” and identifying that a change is needed in one’s life, namely a key change being the breakdown of a relationship, perhaps to focus solely towards getting back on track or to a place where things feel ‘Comfortable’. This was our interpretation of the track, at least.

We briefly spoke to Ted about the meaning of the track and his approach to lyric writing:


The feeling I wanted to suggest is that sense of being lonely, even when surrounded by your loved ones...

“I am a great believer in letting people make their own conclusions to what songs are about. The feeling I wanted to suggest is that sense of being lonely, even when surrounded by your loved ones, and how isolated you can feel despite this.”

Jevans’ vocals are somewhat comparable to that of Jamie xx from indie/electronica band ‘The XX’, which at times feel off-key, adding a charm and underlying tenseness to the music as aforementioned. What is successful about Ted Jevans’ track is the collaboration between him and Charlotte Ward, the harmonisation creating a vivid image of a conversation between lovers about one’s mental wellbeing.

Jevans' vocals give us Jamie XX vibes, frontman from band 'The XX'.
The folk singer could take inspiration from the group 'The Magic Numbers' in their collaboration between male and female vocalists.

Moving forward, we would like to see further collaboration between Ted and (female vocalist), as this back and forth between vocals creates a strong balance of intense and soft. If we are to look at the track ‘Crystalised’ from 2009 debut-album ‘xx’ by The XX, this track utilises the two singer’s vocals in a unique fashion, creating vocals which converse then merge together in chorus that steps up in tempo. As a dynamic for Ted Jevans, this could create a totally bespoke sound when paired with the folk, rock and blues sound he has created for himself. A cross-over in style of this track by the XX and a band closer in style, ‘The Magic Numbers’, begins to create an imaginable route for Jevans to take. It will be interesting to see where Jevans has gone with his latest EP, and any of this suggestion is relevant. This is a promising start for the Devon-based artist, with the potential to become an outfit with its own bespoke sound.

Thanks to Ted for his submission to Polytonic, and sharing music with the world. If you would like to have your music featured, contact us via the Get Involved page and submit your music.