'Preacher' by Slow Down World

Written by Samuel Murray

The band command a narrative style similar to the likes Battlezone, with odes to classic metal and prog-rock.

We review the second track on their single, Preacher, while finding out a bit more about their influences and how the band came together to create the two tracks.

Preacher Lyric Video

The UK-outfit have practiced themselves into talented musicians, with the ability to create flawless guitar solos that match up to some of rocks finest. The band consists of June Stevenson (Vocals), Otto Schneider (Guitar), Olly Peters (Guitar), Twig Mayhew (Bass) and Woody Woodson (drums).

Children of the Sand in the making

Woodson on percussion has a fine role in the band, setting the tempo confidently, particularly in ‘Preacher’ because of the sheer change from intro, verse to chorus and so on.
We picked out this track for it’s interesting transitions between guitar solo and a well-crafted intro setting up a complete change in feeling. The backing vocals alongside percussion, guitar and bass feel hugely established, while the tempo created by such instruments is very well managed throughout, hence our selection of this track.

1:18 through to 1:42 is our favourite period in the track, due to the shrewd pairing of vocal and easy-going guitar, which we would like to have seen more of this, perhaps as an outro. Nine-tenths of the track pair up very well, though the vocals could have been more confident in execution. The vocals tend to follow the instruments, but there is potential with this track to let the guitar set up more experimental vocals. For example, (though a different sub-genre) the opening track ‘Black Shuck’ from The Darkness’ debut album ‘Permission to Land’, very much follows the guitar in vocal pitch, but Justin Hawkins exhibits an exploration that comes away from that created by the instruments, supported by the backing which would come off in future Slow Down World tracks.

There is real potential with this band to create a cinematic experience in the way previous metal and prog-rock bands have done, such as the likes of AC/DC, Metallica, along with the narratives created by Pink Floyd and co. Undeniable talent with the musical ability to go far with some consideration.

Thank you to Twig for his submission.