About Us

A music blog with the aim of decent music getting noticed. It’s that simple.

The charts is not for everyone. We get that. Dubstep isn’t for everyone either. But it is for some. We hope this blog will cater to all tastes in it’s featured posts, whatever the genre. Variety is indeed the spice of life and we’re cooking on all four hobs.

But, of course, it cannot all come from one place- we rely on you to bring things to our attention that we may have missed, and we will try to do the same for you. Think you have something we will be interested in? Contact us via our Get Involved page, and let us know what we are missing. You don’t need to be a musician yourself either, just someone with a passion for music. Join us in making music culture as diverse as it possibly can be.

Contribution is Key

We are forever searching for talent and all of the good vibes to go with it. By contributing your music for review, we create content that our readers will hopefully read and enjoy. We toot your horn if you toot ours, it’s really that simple. Sound good? Show us what we are missing- Get Involved.

We Dish out Positive Vibes

There’s really no need for us to submit a bad review, the music submissions we receive are going to be at the start of their career, it isn’t always going to be perfect. Sometimes there is beauty in the imperfection too.

If you happen to be featured in a post, our reviews are only going to focus on positive feedback and the odd bit of constructive criticism.

A professional site and written review of your music is only going to do you good. So go ahead, Get Involved.

Create Sentiment

In front of every musician is a face, that face being the artwork they choose to display. Though album art has mildly lost the bespoke quality it had with print, it still defines the look and feel of your music. We can provide album art that creates that first step before getting played with our dedicated design team. It’s the little details that make all the difference. Get Involved.