Teach Me to Fight: Second E.P by YONAKA

Written by Samuel Murray

The rock outfit from Brighton renowned for their quality live shows have released their second four track EP, with some interesting artwork clearly referencing the British Board of Film Classification as seen on DVDs and film posters.

1. Fired Up

2. Waves

3. Teach Me to Fight

4. Wish You Were Somebody

YONAKA Tour Dates

Sat 29th September
Tenement Trail 2018
Glasgow, UK

Thu 11th October
Electric Ballroom
London, UK

Sat 10th November – Sun 11th November
Personal Fest 2018
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sat 17th November – Sun 18th November
Festival Corona Capital 2018
Mexico City, Mexico

Dates and Tickets

The rock band formed in 2014 when all four members of the band left their individual bands to form Yonaka, the band quickly gaining reputation for a band that sounds fantastic live. Their first single called ‘Ignorance’ was released in 2016 and with the help of Asylum Records and online streaming services like Youtube and Spotify, the band has created a good following for itself.

Image copyright of Asylum Records UK 2018

This EP follows the first, ‘HEAVY’, and like the name, the riffs and hooks in the first EP are on the heavy side. What is noticeable about the new EP is the change of pace, the previous was by no means slow, but the tempo determined by the precussion and percussion allude more to The White Stripes, and the new EP has less of an aggressive air to it, hitting more in the territory of pop-punk.

The first song ‘Fired Up’ falls into the category of pop-rock indefinitely, the EP altogether having more of a fashionable feel to it than the somewhat grotesque album art and ‘heaviness’ of HEAVY.

Record Artwork from 2016 EP 'HEAVY'

Image Copyright of Asylum Records UK 2016

The slight change in production makes more of Jarvis’s strong vocals and gets it on a par with the beautifully complex guitar riffs. We experience the angelic vocals of Theresa best in ‘Waves’ in the pre-hook and chorus. Theresa’s diverse style in the vocal role makes the lead singer so worth listening to. Waves could almost be described as a rock version of a CHVRCHES song, and that is by no means a bad thing.

‘Teach Me to Fight’ is stylistically the most similar to previous YONAKA sounds, with a noticeable belligerence that for good reason has earned the track the most trending track of all YONAKA tracks on Spotify at this point in time.

‘Wish You Were Somebody’ is the track displaying the most weakness of the figure created in the YONAKA narrativeof this EP. Not weakness as in quality, but in the feelings shown through the lyrics. This is suggested from the off in the vocals:

[Verse 1]
I’m waking, you’re baking
I got these rules you’re breaking
I ain’t ever gonna come around again
No, I ain’t ever gonna come around

[Verse 2]
You’re bailing, I’m sailing
Took too long, now I’m out here making
Money that will make me go around again
Money that will make me go around

And in the moonlight hour when the light starts shining through
I say a little prayer for you, I say a little prayer for you

Oh, you can kiss my ass goodbye
Now I’m with some other guy

Another great EP from YONAKA, and there is plenty to look forward to in the next few weeks across several continents with a few tour dates lined up.